Taste the Alphabet with the Morskoiboy Hydraulic Typewriter

 - Sep 23, 2011
References: morskoiboy & blog.urbanoutfitters
Have fun with the written word using the Morskoiboy Hydraulic Typewriter, a liquid-dispensing machine that fills your cup as you type. Using a series of tubes, each letter on the keyboard is attached to a bottle of colored liquid that travels up the tube and through the machine, landing safely into a cup on the other end.

Whenever a key is punched, a display illuminates with colored liquid to reveal the letter that was pressed, so you can keep track of your words as you type. After punching a random series of letters, users then create a literary cocktail using this deliciously dynamic device. Enjoy the sweet tastes of success when writing with the Morskoiboy Hydraulic Typewriter.