CompuExpert Wow-Keys Merges Media at Your Fingertips

 - May 1, 2011
References: compuexpert & ubergizmo
Try as you may, using your smartphone as a computer replacement is nearly impossible. The CompuExpert Wow-Keys, however, offers up an easier way to take advantage of your iPhone's functions without the fuss of a tiny touchscreen keyboard.

The beauty of this gadget is that its size matches that of the standard desktop QWERTY, but lengthened enough to incorporate a cradle for your mobile phone. On its own, the Omnio keyboard treats your cellphone like a tower and monitor at once. Hook the two up, and you can type text messages, emails, memos and more. The CompuExpert Wow-Keys acts as a dock and charging station for your device, and can even connect to your computer this way and perform as a number pad or a peripheral music player.