From Dessert-Shaped Keyboard Cleaners to Self-Cleaning USB Sanitizers

 - Jun 2, 2013
Many people want their smart phones, tablets or keyboards in mint condition to prolong the gadgets’ lifespans—these gimmicky gadget cleaners are a funky way to add zest to a chore as dull as cleaning.

Oil smears on phones can be wiped clean with the Smartklear by Lenspen. It uses a professional-grade compound that gets rid of all smudges on touch screens in just one swipe.

Also try using UV light to zap off bacteria, ‘Germ Genie’ by Falcon Innovations kills roughly 3,295 microbes per square inch. It’s motion-censored so that it automatically shuts off the UV light when someone begins to type. This sanitizing bulb turns back on to action when the keyboard isn’t in use.

There are neat sprays, wipes and sanitizing lights on the market that will keep your gadgets in optimal shape.