The Koala Screen Wipe Makes Your Tablets Fresh

 - Oct 30, 2012
References: neatoshop
Keep your gadget screens super clean with the Koala Screen Wipe.

With all the touch-screen technology these days, it can be hard to see through the smudges and fingerprints to the actual display, which is why this adorable koala bear is here to help. With a special soft fuzz on its stomach, the plush wipe may look like a doll, but it actually attracts dust and particles while wiping your tablet clean. It even has a lingering hint of lemony fragrance that makes your screens that much fresher. The size of the koala makes it easy to grasp in your hands, and requires only a swipe or two to cover the entire screen.

Don't use a boring cloth when you can use this exciting Koala Screen Wipe.