Scrubbie Mop Features a Trio of Functions to Expunge Any Mess

 - Apr 30, 2013
References: quirky
Given that there might be several thousand different ways for you to make a mess of your house, every home really requires something like the Scrubbie Mop. The multitasking Quirky-made product does more than wipe down your floors, it also scrapes and scours with two additional ends.

Manufactured from aluminum and polypropylene, the cleaner flares towards its base to form a compact housing around its retractable spongy head. A quick shift of the handle will either collapse or set up the broad mop for the filthy task at hand. The former motion succeeds to wring the soiled liquid out of the swab and prepare it for storage. Meanwhile, the two bottom corners of the triangular Scrubbie Mop feature a bristled brush and a heavy-duty scrubber.