The Influenza Saver Sterilizes Electronics

 - May 18, 2013
References: japantrendshop
If you are focused on staying germ free you should frequently be using the Influenza Saver to sanitize your electronics and improve your overall hygiene.

As a culture we depend an enormous amount on technology to get us through each day. We are constantly spreading germs without even knowing it. At any given moment we could contract a virus that we are unprepared to deal with resulting in untimely illnesses.

The Influenza Saver is a remarkable little gadget that uses a ultraviolet radiator to sterilize the bacteria levels on the items you come into contact with the most.

You can use the Influenza Saver on keyboards, phones, tablets and laptops. The device works by radiating UV-C rays. These rays will also work in the kitchen or in the bathroom helping to make your entire life a little cleaner.