The Techlink Keepit Clean is a Complete Toolkit for Tidying Electronics

 - Oct 12, 2012
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All of the bits and pieces necessary for keeping your PC's outer body in shape can be found in the Techlink Keepit Clean Screen & Keyboard Cleaner. The set is impressively compact considering everything that it includes.

The twin pack serves to care for the two most important physical features of your laptop or desktop machine. It ensures that you can watch your movies, play your games and look at your photos behind a pristinely speck-free display. The dust and grime between the keys of your typer won't stand a chance against the products and implements in the second kit.

Both caddies include anti-bacterial formulas and the screen set provides an anti-microbial one as well. A sponge and anti-static brushes in the Techlink Keepit Clean help whisk away any dirt, guaranteeing that your electronics are well maintained.