The Bluetooth Silicone Keyboard Makes Computing Convenient and Compact

 - Oct 15, 2011
References: japantrendshop & 7gadgets
A smartphone is now nearly an irreplaceable device, prized for its plentiful functions. However, toting something like the Bluetooth Silicone Keyboard on the odd occasion might keep you collected during those all to frequent moments of tiny typepad frustration.

Every so often you'll receive an email that warrants a lengthy response, and neither iPhone nor iPad supports the precise input method required to write something so wordy. The solution is to use this handy malleable electronic accessory, which runs on batteries and transmits commands wirelessly.

The Bluetooth Silicone Keyboard is both lightweight and phenomenally flexible, making it possible to roll it, flatten it or drop its durable form loosely into your briefcase. Don't even worry if you spill your coffee, because this rubbery keypad is waterproof too.