From Entirely Transparent Homes to ‘Star Wars’ Vehicle H

 - Sep 24, 2013
As urban centers continue to grow and gentrification attempts to accommodate for larger numbers of city dwellers, the resulting choice for many is to live in high-rise apartments. This, however, takes away from the possibilities of what can be achieved in designing and building radical house options.

These ultra modern home designs give a glimpse into the unconventional yet stylistically and aesthetically brilliant ideas some have brought to fruition to construct their humble abodes into something completely out of the ordinary.

Some designs, such as the container-made eco abodes or urban train station abodes, show that some are willing to throw many of our preconceived notions of what a house looks like out and turn it on its head. With the theme of modern and minimalistic accommodation experiencing a growing shift, these houses can be appreciated from afar, if not one day becoming a living reality.