Pacific Bondi Beach Apartments in Sydney Will Light Up Your Life

 - May 9, 2013
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For several years, the Swiss Grand Hotel in Pacific Bondi Beach has stood abandoned and dilapidated. Recently, however, the Capit.el Group of Australia has renovated the hotel's decrepit buildings to produce 95 premium lighthouse apartments, including two levels of luxurious penthouses.

The architects in charge of the hotel's transformation sought to complement its natural surroundings rather than overwhelm them. Bright rooms and large, ovular windows give the Bondi Beach Apartments the feel of the lighthouses on which they were modeled. The interior decor, designed by Koichi Takada, was inspired by the four elements, and deftly blends the texture of the beachfront with the changing light using natural materials such as stone and wood.

As if the Bondi Beach Apartments weren't beautiful enough, the ceilings of the lighthouse penthouses undulate to re-create the waves of the ocean, with automated gull doors bringing in ample light.

The lighthouse apartments at Bondi Beach are stunning in their luxurious looks. They don't clash with the surrounding nature, but seek to complement it, allowing each lucky resident to live in the lap of luxury while revelling in the beauty of Australia's beachfront.