The Glass Notting Hill Penthouse Features Elegant Design and Future Tech

 - May 28, 2013
References: & gizmag
Here's hoping that nobody decides to throw stones at the glass Notting Hill Penthouse. This unique abode was created by London-based architectural firm Studio RHE. The client's request was to Studio RHE was that the roofs of two mansions standing side-by-side be transformed into one all-glass living space. Sounds simple, right?

The glass Notting Hill Penthouse is elegantly designed and packed with future technology. It features glass gullwing windows that open up and a glass elevator (it's the only way to access the penthouse from the ground floor). The gap between the two houses was bridged with a glass bridge standing two stories. Entrance to the penthouse is only granted after passing through an eye scan, courtesy of a Panasonic iris-identification system.