The Brian Mackay-Lyons Designed 'Sliding House' is a Sight to Behold

Brian Mackay-Lyons is one of Canada's most accomplished and respected architects, and his work on the 'Sliding House,' in Nova Scotia serves to only enhance his reputation.

Like many of Brian Mackay-Lyons' creations, the 'Sliding House' blends 21st century architectural technology with Nova Scotia's organic beauty to create a modern home that maintains a rugged, rustic feel.

The 'Sliding House' is 1,700 square feet and is protected from strong winds by a strong north service wall that contains the kitchen, stairs, baths and storage. The home is a display piece and is available for rental, ideal for a group or family of four. The 'Sliding House' is equipped with a loft area, a massive master bedroom, a fireplace, flatscreen televisions and a DVD player.

The 'Sliding House' is also conveniently close to fun-loving outdoorsy activities like golfing, fishing, horseback riding, and whale-watching.

The home is available for rent at the weekly rate of $2250 during the summer, and $1800 any other time of the year.