The Villa F by Hornung & Jacobi Architecture is Inspired by Eroded Rocks

 - Mar 14, 2013
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Villa F looks dangerously unbalanced. It boasts a bulbous geometric design that sits precariously on top of fragile-looking beams and glass. Of course, the cantilevered design of Villa F has been carefully constructed so that no teeter totter effect is accidentally achieved. Instead, what is accomplished is a visually striking structure that is at once futuristic and sculptural.

Designed by Peter Thomas Hornung and Elsa Katharina Jacobi of Hornung & Jacobi Architecture in collaboration with Jan Escher, Villa F is a holiday home located in Rhodes, Greece. Inspired by the eroded rocks found on the nearby coastline, the sharp silhouette is like one big souvenir. Although completely contemporary, Villa F focuses on its natural surroundings by letting in a lot of natural light and offering spectacular views. It is the perfect vacation spot.