The Oyster House Caters to the Natural Environment of the Seaside

 - Sep 23, 2013
References: oyster-house & suckerpunchdaily
Vacationers are always looking to locate beautiful natural properties with stunning views and the smallest number of artificial obstructions possible -- but wouldn't a cottage disrupt such a site? The Oyster House is a solution to the ever-expanding Wellfleet community in Cape Cod, presenting a prefabricated dwelling that's more compact and sits lighter upon the land.

CxMxD came up with a very versatile design that allows the client to take advantage of the best features of his east-coast plot. With five sides, the modular cabin can face the forest, the field and the bay, while providing convenient entry right from the road. The Oyster House's expansive windows bring radiance into the cozy inner shell and provide the illusion of larger spaces. In reality, the design boats a small floor plan that's been efficiently developed to offer comfort and minimize building materials.