The Shant V Krichelian Loft is on Track to Become a Popular New Design

 - Apr 15, 2010
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People of traditional architecture turn away now! That's okay--I know all of you are into the modern stuff. The Shant V Krichelian Loft is about as cutting edge as you can get. The exterior is so sharply angled, it looks like you would cut yourself wide open if you were to brush up against one of the corners.

The interior, however, is quite remarkable, featuring the classic black-off-white color scheme that is seen in the majority of contemporary homes and condos. The Shant V Krichelian Loft is almost entirely all open, with the second level exposed to the living room. I am a big fan of the open air second level. Rather than making the house feel too spacey, this concept can often better tie rooms together.