From Chicly Transformed Lofts to Floating Luxury Lofts

 - Aug 8, 2013
Modern homes and structures are all about providing open spaces and wide living areas for people to engage and interact in, and these luxurious loft residences are some fantastic examples of how this new generation of homeowners are opting for small spaces but with wide-open living areas.

While traditionally new homeowners tend to look for spaces that feature multiple rooms and structured layouts, these modern loft residences are more for individuals who enjoy a more open and exposed interior design. Lofts have been increasing popular amongst the more youthful and hipper generation of buyers, offering them a place that is sleek and well designed for entertaining guests.

From all-inclusive loft living to futuristic pod lofts, these luxuriously wide-open residences will certainly provide a spacious interior design for any modern homeowner.