The Fab Tree Hab by Terreform One is a Living Graft Structure

 - Aug 25, 2013
References: & designboom
Fab Tree Hab is a prefabricated living graft structure conceived by Terreform One, a non-profit organization committed to philanthropic architecture, urban and ecological design. The proposed dwelling is intended to replace the architectural design solutions for Habitat for Humanity.

Terreform One sees the abode as a growing, living thing made from native trees. When it has grown to the appropriate size, the living form is molded into a specific shape using prefab CNC reusable scaffolds, set up near the base of the tree trunk. The living graft structure is made up of 100% living materials, so it would fit in seamlessly to the surrounding environment and be mutually beneficial to both.

The Fab Tree Hab is currently on display at the 'This is Alive' exhibition in Paris until September 1, 2013.

Photo Credits: designboom,