- Jan 20, 2013
To celebrate the Suits season premiere, it would only be appropriate to assemble all of the best and most dapper of suits that the recent few years have offered.

The show, which features lawyers working at a high-power firm, get their hands dirty with some intriguing and drama-filled scenarios. Secondary to the shows juicy content is the attire they regularly sport, which like the name of the show suggests is primarily suits. Whether for work or for a formal party, nothing says professional and put together quite like a suit. Even though people may be limited to wearing more subdued colors to work, there are countless of other fun and colorful print options to choose from if you feel like stepping outside the norm of formal wear. Though suits are predominantly donned by men, we can't forget about the ladies who enjoy sporting a power suit now and again.

So go watch the Suits season premiere and get inspired to rock a suit of your own.

The Suits Season Premiere is Back with a New Assortment of Dapper Attire: