The Solar Charge Suit Absorbs and Traps the Sun's Heat to Keep You Warm

If this jacket looks like any other jacket, then The Suit Company in Japan has achieved their goal in creating this Solar Charge Suit.

This deceptively regular-looking suit was designed for the businesspeople who must remain professional without donning jackets in the cold seasons. Made from special fabric that traps thermal energy, the suit encapsulates heat emitted from the sun and uses it to insulate the wearer. The Solar Charge Suit has the ability to increase the surface temperature of the individual by approximately five degrees Celsius. The suit is practical but stylish at the same time, outlining the athletic silhouette of the wearer. Although this is a heating jacket, it may not be able to protect individuals from brutal bone-chilling winds so it's best to break out the winter coats as it gets deeper into the cold season.