From Upcycled Denim Sandals to Affordable Couture Sneakers

 - Jan 1, 2013
The leading shoe trends of 2012 had themes including superheroes, tie-dye and vintage.

Many products are becoming increasingly personalized and unique, and the same pattern was true in the shoe industry. Brands like Nike and Converse capitalized off of huge pop culture events, like the release of the Avengers or The Dark Knight Rises, and released special edition designs to maximize their influence. In addition to these popular styles, more and more bloggers published comprehensive and unique DIY projects that would help readers create their own shoe creations with personalized details.

Shoes will always be a hugely influential aspect of the fashion industry, and never have high-end styles been more affordable. Take, for example, Guylook’s Jewelry Spikes High Shoes, a high-end and heavily embellished pair. These were selling for less than $100, making it more affordable to step out in style.

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