Sergio Rossi Store in Casablanca is a Remarkable Space

The Sergio Rossi store at the Galeries Lafayette in Casablanca was recently opened by footwear design label Sergio Rossi and Wallpaper magazine as part of the Men's Footwear World Tour. This is the second men's shoe store launched by the collaboration.

The Sergio Rossi store in Casablanca was designed by French-Moroccan designer Younes Duret, who infused the interior with intriguing cut-out shelving that seem to take on different star shapes. Bold primary colors are integrated into the displays and modern, cushioned seats provide a place for customers to try on footwear. Overall, the craftsmanship is exquisite, a reflection of the country's culture.

According to Duret, the store design is all about liberation and shifts in proportion and materials. The designer wanted to transcend traditional and conventional interior design. As he puts it, "We reject the outdated cliché – we champion the stylish man’s right to look elegant."