Vidoe Game Shoes by Brass Monki are Awesome

If you consider yourself a true gamer there is no way you can live without a pair of these shoes designed by Brass Monki.

These brightly vivid shoes each display a different video game or character doing what they do best. The Zelda shoe design features the heroic Link lashing out with a sword while the Luigi shoes show the mustached plumber yelling out in a "mama mia" fashion. Get to making beats with your feet by slipping into the Donkey Shoes which feature the drum-banging monkey in a pose of epic proportions. If you're more for the relaxing type of shoe, try on the Snorlax shoes which spotlight the big guy taking a nap as usual.

Whether you're a gamer or not, it's easy to appreciate the sick artwork done on these shoes by Brass Monki.