From Comic Book Themed Kicks to Football Pump Sneakers

 - Apr 5, 2014
The Reebok Pump sneakers have been popular ever since their release in 1989. The shoe was made to be used as a basketball sneaker but has since broken barriers and is now worn by a range of fans. These pumped up sneaks are sure to stay popular for time to come.

Some of the models use a hand powered pump that's located on the tongue of the sneaker. Depending on which shoe you get, the pump can take the shape of a basketball or tennis ball amongst other things. Some of the Reebok Pump models use CO2 cylinders to pump up the sneakers instead of using laces.

The popularity of the Reebok Pump sneakers is because of the classic design and Reebok's effort to keep the sneakers relevant with new technology and colorways.