From Jungle Gym Meeting Places to Stark Windowless Facades

 - Sep 27, 2017
Design is an interesting practice, as the September 2017 design trends illustrate. While there's certainly an artistic side to design, it differs from the fine arts in that design work serves a concrete purpose. Whether a piece of furniture, an interior, or a website, things that fall under the umbrella of design are innately function-driven. Art elicits emotions exclusively, and while emotion is a keystone of design, that emotion is typically channeled toward a broader goal of interaction.

An example of that fine distinction can be seen in the interior of Waka Haiku Setsugekka, a new multi-sensory restaurant in Jilin, China. The dining establishment is dotted with effervescent LEDs that would look just as appropriate in a museum experience. However, the difference is that the interior design is geared toward enhancing diners' relationship with their meal, rather than eliciting an emotional response in and of itself.