Chris Tate's Tent House is a Personal Retreat in the New Zealand Forests

 - Aug 3, 2017
References: archdaily
Camping has a certain charm, to be sure, but Chris Tate's newly built studio in the woods of New Zealand doesn't provide a standard wilderness experience. Named 'Tent House,' the moniker perfectly encapsulates the quality of the structure. It is indeed shaped like a tent, but that shouldn't lead any of its potential renters to think that it's a canvas and post-supported lean-to. Rather, the home is a solid, luxurious take on tents, hence the "House" side of its name.

Tent House is indeed small compared to a typical home, though it's still much larger than any but the most extravagant canvas tents. Further, the studio has an upper floor for the bedroom, a luxury few campers would expect. The ground floor is characterized by a pure white aesthetic and a spiraling staircase ascending through the center of the living room.