Specdrums Rings Turn Colored Paper into Customized Keyboards

 - Aug 21, 2017
References: kickstarter & ideaconnection
The Specdrums Rings are a playfully immersive wearable that turns color into sound.

The rings allow users to create a customized keyboard out of colored paper by communicating with smartphones and Bluetooth-enabled devices. Individuals simply pair selected colors with sounds via the accompanied app, and the ring turns those colors into a unique audio experience. The color-recognizing ring allows musicians to experiment with sound and musical production, through the fusion of technology and audio engineering. Musicians can complete complex musical arrangements with just their fingertips, opening a wide range of opportunities in creative exploration.

A simple tap on the surface is all this technologically infused instrument needs to compose a masterful arrangement. The Bluetooth-enabled device aims to make music more accessible to the masses through compact wearables.