From Clothing Store Diners to Retro Record-Playing Cafes

 - Nov 4, 2015
A recent change in the culinary industry has paved the way for hybrid retail restaurants that allow consumers to enjoy a meal during a routine shopping trip, while simultaneously exploring an alternative industry. There are numerous hybrid retail restaurants to choose from including library restaurants, modernized dinner theaters and barbershop cafes.

Eateries are now providing diners with the option to shop for goods and services while they enjoy delicious food and beverages. The Gateway Market recently unveiled a beer program that allows consumers to sip local brews while they shop for groceries.

Additional hybrid retail restaurants range from vinyl record cafes to menswear retail shops that incorporate food service and cocktail bar spaces. These collaborative experiences allow retailers to draw in consumers through unique tactics that expand beyond traditional merchandising. This also encourages consumers to actively go shopping instead of conducting online purchases.