From Over the Top Photoshopping to Classic Runway Shows

 - Oct 26, 2011
It's hard to find a fashion designer who is as synonymous with all-American, classic designs as Ralph Lauren. From his cashmere sweaters to the infamous polo t-shirts, the 72-year-old designer has achieved a level of notoriety and legendary fame acclaim that up and coming designers can only dream of one day achieving.

Ralph Lauren is classic couture at its finest, and stands with such names as Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger when it comes to not only the type of clothing that he designs, but also the level of effortless sophistication the brand exudes.

In the same way that Hermes is famous for silk scarves, Balmain is famous for its punk-rock appeal, and Chanel for its quilted purses, Ralph Lauren is simply the best in all-American glamor.

Check out this gallery of Ralph Lauren editorials and runway shows for a look into the designer's empire.