Leather is Replaced With Linen for Spring 2009

 - Apr 4, 2009
References: nylonmag
Bomber jackets are an undeniable fashion mainstay, but when made out of leather, the fashionable vegans of the world are all left living a jacketless existence. Now, while I myself am not a fashionable vegan, or even a fashionable vegetarian, I want to help you all out. As do Alexander McQueen and Ralph Lauren, it seems.

This season McQueen showed a blue linen bomber that, while made of linen, sacrifices nothing in terms of style. Ralph Lauren showed a yellow denim bomber that at $90 can hang in the closets of vegans and carnivores alike.

But my personal favorite comes from Alpinestars with their aptly named "Vegan jacket." At $148, this coat not only looks like leather, but featured in colors like the pink one above, it looks like perfection.

So be it linen or denim, the look this season may be the bomber jacket, but it doesn’t have to be a cow-harming version.