- Oct 7, 2012
Become inspired by undying wit that has resonated throughout history with these Oscar Wilde inspirations.

The literary genius has generated a following from his inspiring work as writer of stark social commentary seamlessly executed with witty dialogue. In essence, the work of Wilde was longstanding appeal that continues to be referenced in a variety of mediums. From fashion editorials to reality TV parodies, the style, wit, and thematic content of Wilde's œuvre is synonymous with an aesthetic of poise and elegance.

For instance, Oscar Wilde's only novel 'The Picture of Dorian Gray' is known for its eerie motifs of decay and narcissism. These macabre themes have translated into avant-garde fashion editorials that are striking in their cerebral approach. This compiled list of Oscar Wilde inspirations showcase the poetic genius of the writer.

From 'Wilde' Reality Show Parodies to Literary Fashion Photography: