Gear Noize Finds Fresh eBay Gear for You

 - Aug 31, 2011
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When laziness and a lack of online search skills collides with clothing and eBay, a beautiful website is born to suit all your shopping needs: Gear Noize. This is a blog that hunts down and updates its readers with the latest "dope gear" auctions, saving you the horrible hassle of searching 30 pages of clothing, shoes and accessories on eBay. Posting clothes from the likes of Ralph Lauren, Nike, Supreme, Stussy and The North Face, Gear Noize stays true to that late 80's and early 90's crazy and wild style we all love.

The site also accepts hot tips on auctions from users, which makes the never-ending search of eBay seem a whole lot smaller. Gear Noize is a true Jedi website, meaning; it is selfless. It helps you find some of the coolest items on eBay, all while promoting auctions posted by strangers without any kind of compensation. The sellers of eBay would like to thank you, Gear Noize.