- Oct 13, 2014
The most creative October 2014 print ads reinvent the page in a number of unusual ways, making use of everything from illusory graphic design to pizza dough and augmented reality. Two stellar examples of the traditional print poster reimagined include waxing ads by Parissa, which made it look as though hanging shirts had hairy chests beneath them, as well as a large canvas banner from Emirates that was turned into limited edition, reusable tote bags.

Rather than just taking up space as a static print inside a magazine or on the subway, these creative print advertisements enhance their surroundings and actually make them enjoyable to look at. However, if you're strongly anti-advertisement, the NO AD app for the New York subway is one to download, since it will help you to virtually replace obnoxious ads with work from local artists.

From Millennial Cause Posters to Hair Hanger Campaigns: