From Digitally Engaging Catalogs to Psychedelic VR Experiences

 - Nov 30, 2014
An overarching theme to the top November 2014 multimedia ideas is escapism. Many brands, artists and designers are now harnessing the power of virtual reality in order to create immersive experiences that are designed to transport you to far off destinations, involve you in high speed car chases or simulate being able to see the city through the eyes of a seasoned skateboarder. While there are still many who have not experienced the power of VR technology firsthand, the Zeiss VR One headset—powered by just a smartphone—shows great promise for how this kind of technology could become accessible to the masses.

As music is also another great way to escape, there are also some great speaker innovations that make the experience of listening to music more intuitive and easier to do on the go. When it comes to this, one standout product is Sony's Just Ear earbuds, which are shaped like the inner ear canal for a fit that's more natural and comfortable.