Ariel Cotton's Distance Dolls Help People Connect Long Distance

 - Oct 8, 2014
References: huffingtonpost & nexttopmakers
We have a ton of technology at our disposal to help us connect long distance with someone who is far away, although one thing that there isn't an app for is that sense of touch. Ariel Cotton's Distance Dolls help to bridge this gap, taking low-tech rag doll toys and embeddine them with sensors to move the doll's arms.

The Distance Dolls work like this: when one person gives their doll a hug, the other doll's arms automatically lift to receive the hug with the use of Arduinos and Arduino GPRS shields. Essentially, the dolls are like cell phones, since it's like one is able to text the other, but instead of letting you know that there's an incoming message, what you're about to receive is a hug.