From Mobile Energy Mill Generators to Sustainable Automated Homes

 - Mar 28, 2015
Companies are implementing environmentally sustainable practices across a wide variety of industries, which continues to be the case with these March 2015 eco innovations. On an individual level, people are also looking to bring the environment into their holiday planning as well.

Energy efficiency continues to be a big focus, as evidenced by newly designed generators that use everything from wave-harnessing to passive cooling and portable solar cells. Technology is an adjacent field where eco-conscious practices are booming, especially when combined with the Internet of Things. Even relatively new inventions like iBeacon is becoming more environmentally friendly with ByteLight-enabled GE LED fixtures. With Easter right around the corner, March 2015 eco products extend to holiday-appropriate decor like Eco Eggs eco-friendly Easter eggs and Lulu the Baker's eco-friendly DIY baskets too.