These Cool Bricks Keep Home Interiors Cold in Hot and Dry Climates

 - Feb 18, 2015
References: emergingobjects & dornob
The invention of these Cool Bricks is a reminder that there are plenty of possibilities surrounding passive house design. Air conditioning is not the only solution to warm and stuffy interior spaces; resourceful and scientific thinking has produced masonry that can actually make a home refreshing in a scorching climate.

Virginia San Fratello and Ronald Rael have developed their eco-friendly Cool Bricks with inspiration from old Muscatese evaporative cooling windows. The lattice-like structure of the 3D-printed material is porous, keeping condensation inside, and enabling that to gently cool the air that passes through. Furthermore, the meshy facade of each block causes shade of fall on a great portion of the surface area, minimizing the sun's direct contact. The Cool Bricks thus keep themselves chilly as they softly pass fresh air to the inner sides of their irregular interlocking forms.