The Innovative Windflock System Unites Eco Energy and Ornamentation

This imaginative concept of the wind turbine trellis works to develop a contemporary aesthetic language for a fairly new type of technology. Throughout history, material discoveries and machine advances have been gradually adopted and developed into emerging styles of design, and this project is a beautiful example of the birth of a new aesthetic and functional methodology.

Merging mechanical purpose with visual appeal, the Arman Emami Design studio has has produced Windflock. It was voted one of the Best of the Best within the 2014 Red Dot Design Awards. It's a compact windmill that facilitates eco-friendly energy generation, and it's been engineered to be assembled in series with others of its kind. Creating a wind turbine trellis, the three-propellored apparatus comes together to form a 21st century decorative lattice that can ornament the rooflines of buildings with parametric patterns of honeycomb grids.