Simple Energy Lowers Consumers' Consumption and Costs

 - Feb 10, 2015
References: simpleenergy & 9news
With energy consumption at an all-time high, eco startup Simple Energy is monitoring their consumers' usage while helping them to save some money in the process. When it comes to energy, over-consumption is just one of the problems our world faces as some communities do not even have access to high priced energy sources.

With the help of Simple Energy's initiative, subscribers are able to track their energy consumption through a series of mobile apps that can be connected right to one's phone or tablet. The company's rewards program gives incentive to consumers who are monitoring their energy usage and engaging in sustainable living practices.

Simple Energy's ultimate goal is to save users money and to lower energy costs overall. As more of us begin to monitor our consumption, this process has the potential to lead to less expensive energy costs across the globe.