- Feb 11, 2015
Affordable energy may be taken for granted by most North Americans but it is a luxury for less fortunate individuals both across the globe and even right at home. In addition to affecting those living in third-world countries, high energy costs are a burden for those who are struggling to make ends meet in developed nations.

In addition to charitable social enterprises, companies worldwide are changing the way we consume and share our energy with those who have no access to it. A great example is Gridmates, a peer-to-peer energy sharing model that allows homeowners to donate left-over energy to neighbors and others in need of it.

Other winning examples are products like Bae Gyu Ri's skipping rope lamp and ROBRADY design and Merlin Power Systems' portable fuel cell. While Bae Gyu Ri's toy converts kinetic energy into a renewable electricity resource, a portable fuel cell concept can be used to cut energy costs or to provide power to those living in third world countries.

From Waste-Driven Social Enterprises to Energy Sharing Networks: