REwiRE is a Model Venture Starting Its Work in Indonesia

REwiRE, which stands for Rural Electrification with Renewable Energy, is a project that starts in Indonesia and more specifically on Sumba Island in NTT (a province called Nusa Tenggara) but will attempt to replicate its model there to numerous places around the world. The broad goal is to bring electricity to rural areas.

"REwiRE will innovate on traditional project finance methods to bundle multiple village-scale mini-grid projects into a package large enough to attract institutional investors, justify the transaction costs of funding from multilateral agencies, and mitigate risk through co-ownership with community organizations," the team writes on its process.

According to the Borgen Project's Pete Grapentien, REwiRE partnered with a non-governmental organization called Ibeka in order to preempt and react to possible problems.

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