These are Perfect for Your Bag of Easter Goodies

 - Mar 4, 2013
One of the most recognizable things about the Easter holidays is the iconic egg-shaped candies and treats that go along with it, and if you're looking to have some Easter goodies that you can showcase all year long, then these egg-shaped tech devices are a great way to do it.

While most technological devices are produced for their functionality, these unusually shaped designs reference the iconic and wonderfully delicious egg, which is often only praised and showcased during the Easter holidays. These egg-shaped tech devices are a great way to pay tribute to this fun-loving holiday anytime during the year. From egg-shaped speakers to spherical panoramic cameras, these oddly shaped devices add a unique and clever touch to an otherwise ordinary item.

These egg-shaped designs represent the clever way modern technology is evolving to incorporate wacky yet recognizable shapes, such as the easter egg.