Gris by Vasquez Alberto Collects Used Shower Water for Other Purposes

 - Feb 11, 2015
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Gris is the name of a low-tech water saving system that allows people to collect used shower water to use in again in another way. Whether that means using it for flushing the toilet, cleaning the house or certain washing activities, the possibilities are endless. An extremely affordable resource, the water saving system can "save at least 80 liter water/person/day in an average household, which means at least 1.5 billion liter saved water per day in such an 50 million habitant country like Colombia," writes the designer.

Conceived by Budapest-based Vasquez Alberto, this particular water saving system takes the complication out of similar alternatives. Especially great for hot countries where people often take multiple showers a day, Gris is essentially a non-slip floor that captures the water in modules that can easily be taken apart and toted elsewhere.