Aktivhaus B10's Intelligently Manages and Shares Energy and Resources

 - Feb 11, 2015
References: aktivhaus-b10.de & gizmag
Aktivhaus B10 is a housing project in the German city of Stuttgart that claims to be the "first fully functional Active House in the world." By 'active house', the claim refers to the house's ability to self-learn and automate processes in order to improve its performance and energy efficiency.

Aktivhaus B10 uses predictive, self-learning energy management that allows the house to react to its environment and use data to optimize its performance. All energy usage -- including heating, lighting, ventilation and charging of electric vehicles -- is monitored by this system. The system can also deliver surplus energy to neighboring homes or feed it back into the grid. The system also allows the building to prepare for occupants' return home.

This level of home automation isn't merely a fancy gimmick, but rather could hold the key to achieving greater energy efficiency in a time when energy resources are increasingly scarce and expensive.