From Pop-Up Sitcom Diners to Rosé Drive-Thru Services

 - Jul 29, 2017
From pop-up sitcom diners to rosé drive-thru services, the July 2017 business trends reveal that there is no shortage of engaging brand activations this season.

With temperatures rising, it is only natural that brands are taking advantage of the opportunity for outdoor activations. One adorable example is Wolffer Estate Vineyard's rosé drive-thru service, which has been set up in the Hamptons to provide visitors with easy access to their favorite vino. Another example is Walmart's giant grocery vending machine, which has been set up in the parking lot of an Oklahoma store.

Beyond outdoor activations, there has also been a rise of pop culture pop-ups, that are perfect for creating share-worthy summer memories. Some of these pop-ups include the Powerpuff Girls Emporium and a new Saved by the Bell-themed diner in Los Angeles.