Bulletin Provides Brick-and-Mortar Space for the Sales of Online Goods

 - Jun 2, 2017
References: bulletin.co & psfk
Although the idea of a permanent pop-up shop might seem to contradict itself, Bulletin is a start-up company that has made a business out of offering brick-and-mortar space where e-retailers may choose to sell their goods for a limited amount of time.

As an alternative to investing a lot of money into a long-term lease, online businesses are able to work with Bulletin to offer their exclusively web-only products to be sold.

Part of the reason that so many consumers love online shopping is the extremely user-friendly, intuitive experience. In the same way that goods are neatly categorized on the web, Bulletin's stores are curated by theme, such as gadgets, up-and-coming products or novelty clothing. Because consumers know the only other place that they'll be able to get the in-store items is online, they are drawn to enter the shop to see and interact with the objects in person.