From Eyeglasses Filled with Water to Hydrating Specs

 - Dec 28, 2011
Eyeglasses and sunglasses used to just be ways to protect and take care of your eyes, but these inventive eyewear designs illustrate just how far the double lensed item has come.

From glasses that resemble the most architecturally creative buildings to spectacles filled with water, it seems like the different types of frames to adorn your eyes with have become endless. Don't just settle for the ordinary glasses at your local Optometrist and opt for a more adventurous style with these inventive eyewear designs.

Implications - Contemporary customers are attracted to items that will allow them to easily express their fashionable side. Shoppers look towards accessories in order to differentiate themselves from others on the market. Designers could focus on creating smaller items with a bolder aesthetic in order to increase their revenue.