Sony Video Glasses

 - May 25, 2008
References: & gizmodo
Sony has revealed its newest video eyeglasses prototype that can show full-color video images. The prototype supports a QVGA resolution, weighs 120g, lenses are 3mm thick , and has a contrast ratio of 50:1. They are hoping to release it in 2010, after they slim it down to 80g.

"The glasses use a proprietary holographic waveguide and an optical engine made up of a LED light source and a transparent LCD panel," Gizmodo says. "Video coming from the optical engine is reflected by a film in the holographic waveguide. It then bounces off a glass plate and is diffracted to the eyes by a second holographic film."

My question is, how much will it strain our eyes, and what will it cost?

There are other eyeglasses in the market that serve a similar function, which have been featured on Trend Hunter. Here are few of those awesome technologies: