Perfect for Watching College Football and the BCS Standings

 - Oct 19, 2008
Watching college football can be difficult for the fan who's always on the go; not all of us have the luxury to devote an afternoon monitoring the BCS standings. These televisions are great for every sports fan, whether your Sundays are spent in a New York City office building or on your recliner at home.

Stuck working on Sunday and can't check the BCS standings online? The Louis Vuitton mini trunk features an integrated LCD screen in it. With a bit of creative fine tuning, this briefcase can turn into a handy way to watch the game while you work.

If your tastes trend towards ultra-luxury, we've got mega-plasmas aplenty. If you've got the wall space, try out these 103" and 150" behemoths from Panasonic. You'll see the BCS standings plainly from across the room.

If you'd rather be outdoors barbecuing, check out the pop-up plasma below. It's perfect for the cook who's always stuck outside manning the barbecue to keep up with college stats, key plays and BCS standings.