The BBC iPlayer

 - Sep 9, 2008
The BBC iPlayer allows users in the UK to watch and download TV programs from previous weeks. Until recently, the service was only available for computer download, but is now available for the iPhone, iPod touch and Nokia N96. The BBC is aiming to bring the player to as many platforms as possible, including the Nintendo Wii.

The BBC iPlayer, which enables users to watch the BBC on demand, means viewers no longer need to miss their favorite programming. The BBC iPlayer has been such a success in the UK, most people are dedicating their time to the player instead of activities they previously did online.

Internet providers have even demanded compensation from the BBC due to the increased stress it has put on the internet infrastructure, where bandwidth consumption has massively increased since the launch of the iPlayer.

With such high quality content available for free online as well as now on mobiles, what users spend their time doing online is surely going to change.