150 Inch Panasonic Plasma TV

 - Dec 26, 2007   Updated: Apr 7 2011
References: tvpredictions & bornrich.org
The Consumer Electronics Show is quickly approaching so marketing guys are pressuring to get their hot stuff some publicity. The 150 Panasonic Plasma TV overwhelms the next largest TV, the biggest TV last year, the Sharp 108 incher. For scale, the 150 inch Panasonic can display a full size person. A new standard has been set for large.

Implications - With video games and blu-ray DVDs, the demand for high-tech TVs is at an all-time high. Bigger is always better in this case and that's evident considering the number of large-screen TVs that have been coming out from companies so far. The intense competition between various companies shows that size, screen resolutions and technology will continue to evolve to new heights to meet the demands of consumers.